Any recommendations for headaches?

Headband is a product derived from an amalgamation of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has long-lasting effects which are useful for pain relief from headaches. Some have reported that the product can create a slight pressure around the crown of the head as if they were wearing a headband and, hence, the name of the product.

What would be the best strain for lupus flares?

This is in response to the question concerning SLE flares.

The CBD component of medical cannabis exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in a wide range of clinical conditions including systemic lupus. Hence, I would recommend a high CBD content form of medical cannabis. CBD, derived from the cannabis plant rather than CBD derived from hemp, would be my recommendation since this will include what is called the entourage effect. All our dispensary agents will be in a position to suggest the compounds that we have in our dispensary that will fulfill my recommendation.

I have a vericocele vein in my left testicle. 

Sometimes this cause an immense amount of pain I do not want to have to get a surgery because I have heard people say that the vericocele sometimes returns and the problem continues.I was wondering if medical cannabis might be right for me.

Many thanks for this very interesting question concerning a testicular varicocele.
I am sure that you know that a varicocele is quite similar to a varicose vein as may develop in a leg vein. A varicocele is a problem that occurs when a vein in the scrotum dilates and develops a blood clot. Typically, a varicocele will tend to develop during puberty but may also develop when one is an adult. A varicocele may contribute to a low sperm count and decreased quality of the sperm. However, not all varicoceles affect sperm production. 

The only likely benefit of medical cannabis will be in the reduction of pain and discomfort within the scrotum. This may be sufficient. However, If the varicocele causes constant symptoms, it will be appropriate to see a Urologist since most varicoceles can be readily repaired surgically.
Renewed thanks for the excellent question,


Renewed thanks for the excellent questions,
Dr. Andrew Whelton, MD